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The Agent Training Center is designed to give you:

Immediate access to information about the product(s) you sell, so you can answer every question with accuracy and confidence


Knowledge you can apply in your day-to-day interactions with potential and existing customers


Fewer complaints, leading to a more transparent, time-efficient and happier experience for you, your customers and HIIQ

Getting Started

Log In

Go to atc.hiiquote.com and use your National Producer Number (NPN) or your Agent Back Office username and password to log into your Training Center.

Back Office

Alternatively you can log in just as you always do by going to www.hiiquote.com/agents/login.

New Links Interface

Here, you'll find your new Quoting Links. You'll notice a "Training Required" button next to each product that has a training requirement. Click one of the "Training Required" buttons to enter the Agent Training Center.


After a brief overview of the Agent Training Center, you'll be taken to your Agent Training Center Dashboard, where you'll find your required courses and more.


The Dashboard displays your required courses. All existing agents will have 60 days to complete the core "Non-Negotiables" course as well as product courses for each plan they've been contracted to sell.

All new agents must complete the core "Non-Negotiables" course as well as product courses for each plan they've been contracted to sell. A new agent's Quoting Links will activate one at a time as the agent completes their specific product courses. For example, once a new agent completes the Cardinal Choice product course, their Cardinal Choice Quoting Link for Business will activate, enabling them to start selling and earning commissions.

Unlock Courses

To unlock your specific product courses, you must complete the "Non-Negotiables" course first. To do so, simply click the "Start Training" button next to the course.


You'll then be taken to a brief video that outlines the rules and guidelines of being a carrier-contracted agent and using the HIIQ quoting and enrolling system.

Begin Quiz

Once you've finished watching the video, the "Begin Quiz" button will become clickable. Click it to begin your quiz.

Reference Material

Then, you'll be presented with questions about the video you just watched. The quiz module contains the video as well as sales materials you can download and reference for assistance as you answer each multiple-choice question.

Passing Quizes

Be sure to utilize your video and reference material as you take the quiz. Take your time to research each question and find the correct answer. You must pass with a score of 90% or better to pass the quiz and thus, complete the course. However, if you don't pass the quiz at first, you can take it again, and even review your incorrect answers, until you pass.

Course History

Once you pass, you'll find each of your completed courses in the Course History box to the right.

See Progress

And, if you to leave your training, this handy Course Progress bar will be there when you return, allowing you to jump back in right where you left off.

There's plenty more to explore in the Agent Training Center.

Log in and start learning today!