HIIQ Charity Bike Ride Raises Over $50,000

Last week, a team of Health Insurance Innovations executive lead by CEO Gavin Southwell embarked on a 50-mile bike ride with the hopes of attracting attention and raising funds for two children’s charities.

The annual ride, deemed the Florida 50, challenged the 14-person team as they trekked up the Pinellas coast in the mid-morning hours.

HIIQ organized this event as part of its ongoing charitable efforts in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. In the weeks surrounding the ride, employees, family and friends managed to raise over $50,000 for Bliss and St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.

To donate or learn more about these important children’s causes, visit the Florida 50 GoFundMe page.


HIIQ Presents Florida 50 Charity Bike Ride

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) is proud to present the Florida Fifty, a charity bike ride that will take cyclists on a 50-mile course across the Tampa Bay area on  Thursday, March 11.

Much like the company’s 2018 charity ride from London, a team of HIIQ executives led by CEO Gavin Southwell will hit the road in hopes of raising money for two children’s charities— St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and Bliss—for this year’s ride.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is a leading facility for pediatric heart and cancer care in the Tampa Bay area. Between the hospital itself and the Steinbrenner Emergency/Trauma Center, St. Joseph’s treats more children than any other hospital in HIIQ’s home city of Tampa.

As a not-for-profit health care facility, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital relies on the support on donors and charity events like the Florida Fifty to maintain its’ extraordinarily high level of personalized care.

Bliss was founded in 1979 by a group of parents concerned that no hospital throughout the UK had all the equipment or staff required to safely care for premature and sick babies.

Today, Bliss has grown into a renowned charitable organization that “champion[s] the right for every baby born premature or sick to receive the best care by supporting families, campaigning for change and supporting professionals, and enabling life-changing research.”

Bliss recently issued a grant to the Pediatric Neuroimaging research team at the University of Oxford’s Department of Pediatrics. This grant gave them the funding they needed to begin a three-year project with a goal of improving the measurement and treatment of pain in premature babies. Their findings could benefit babies across the globe upon the project’s completion this year.

Health Insurance Innovations has set up a GoFundMe page for the Florida Fifty. The company hopes to raise $50,000 for these vital children’s charities. If you’d like to donate to either of these causes and help HIIQ reach our goal, you can do so here.

HIIQ Sponsors 2019 Avila Charity Tennis Tournament

The Avila Charity Tennis Tournament returned to Tampa’s Avila Golf and Country Club over the March 29-31, 2019 weekend. Celebrating its 27th anniversary, this charity event raises proceeds from attendees, players and sponsors alike to donate to a chosen non-profit children’s organization in the Tampa Bay area.

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) was proud to return as a presenting sponsor of this year’s tournament, which benefitted Pepin Academies, a network of tuition-free charter schools serving students with learning and learning-related disabilities throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Established in 1999, Pepin Academies now consists of three campuses—Tampa, New Port Richey and Riverview—each of which have empowered thousands of students to meet their county’s graduation standards in a setting suited to their unique needs.

Last year, the Avila Charity Tennis Tournament raised $170,000 for Pepin Academies, the largest amount ever raised in tournament history.

“The money raised has provided much-needed technology for our campuses including the purchase of smart boards for all core-curriculum classrooms,” according to the Pepin Academies Foundation.

While the proceeds raised from the 2019 Avila Charity Tennis Tournament have yet to be announced, we encourage you to donate what you can to these essential schools in Tampa. Pepin Academies rely on consistent financial support from the community for the supplies, staffing and facilities needed to help these children excel.

Click here to learn about all the ways you can give to the Pepin Academies Foundation.

Our Mission

Health Insurance Innovations encourages all of its employees, customers and agency partners to give back to those in need. Whether you donate online to charity or spend a Saturday serving at the soup kitchen, giving back gives purpose and hope to all lives involved. Don’t know where to start? Check out Charity Navigator to find the most efficient charity organizations in your community today!