Digital Health Services Rise in Popularity, Provide Value and Convenience

As healthcare’s “unsustainable costs” continue to pose challenges1, it’s easy to understand why your clients would be looking for ways to not only cut their costs but also enhance the value they receive. Digital health services such as telemedicine are packaging value, convenience, and competitive pricing so well that it is becoming “part of [consumers] normal process in terms of getting healthcare”2.

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Today’s technological advancements in health and medicine have transformed the way the health professionals are able to help people all over the globe. With the help of phone, video, and wireless capabilities, your clients can take advantage of 24/7/365 access from home, work, or their travels to highly qualified doctors to discuss a myriad of health concerns.

Consider these significant contributions of the tool3:

  • Approximately more than 70% of urgent illness conditions can be taken care of with the help of telemedicine such as pharyngitis, sinusitis and upper respiratory illnesses.
  • It eliminates any chances of transmitting infectious diseases from a patient to the health care professional.
  • It allows health professionals to cater to the needs of the patients from any place at any given time.
Talk to your clients about the benefits of telemedicine.
  1. Lower costs: A recent study found that use of telemedicine can reduce costs for your clients as well as the hospital system4.
  2. Increased patient satisfaction: Hospitals are keenly aware how patient satisfaction is tied to federal reimbursement benchmarks that assess the quality of the care they provide. In a recent study, 98% of respondents who received care via telemedicine noted they would be interested in similar visits in the future and 99% would recommend telemedicine to others4.
  3. Increased access: Telemedicine isnt the new innovation on the block; it’s been providing access to healthcare to remotely-located patients for over 40 years5. The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center reports that it increases access6 to remotely located patients who need clinical services as well as remotely located hospitals, allowing them to provide emergency and intensive care services.
Talk to your clients about the future of telemedicine.

A quick search of recent headlines on telemedicine proves that the service is only just beginning to see its full potential. From diagnosing widespread flu2 to coordinating the ability to perform telestenting via robotic technologyto expanding access of health services to patients in rural areas8, the power of telemedicine is set to continue to revolutionize how and where healthcare meets patients in need of care.

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Digital Health Services Rise in Popularity, Provide Value and Convenience