Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) Highlights Strength of Business

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) has provided an update regarding recent regulatory matters and its financial and industry outlook.

Additionally, prominent voices within and close to the company have reaffirmed a robust future for Health Insurance Innovations, citing the positive impact it continues to have on people with a significant need for affordable short-term healthcare.

“We believe HIIQ is uniquely positioned for continued growth due to our innovative technology platform, strong compliance and expanding distribution network, allowing us to continue to meet the demands and needs of consumers in the dynamic individual health insurance market,” said Gavin Southwell, Cheif Executive Officer and President of Health Insurance Innovations.

For more insight into the matters addressed above, read Health Insurance Innovations’ official press release.

Author: Andrew Silverstein

Andrew Silverstein is the Marketing Operations Manager for Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ). He covers a wide range of topics – from HIIQ’s charitable endeavors to the company’s stock performance and the U.S. healthcare industry at large.

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) Highlights Strength of Business