Help Your Clients Make Safe Toys and Gifts Part of Their Holidays

Help Your Clients Make Safe Toys and Gifts Part of Their Holidays

The holiday season shopping season is upon us as we prepare to celebrate, share laughs and good times with loved ones, and exchange gifts. Prevent Blindness America, a non-profit group dedicated to advocating for eye care and healthy vision, has declared December as Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month to help adults make the best decisions on how to keep this holiday season joyful for everyone.

Consider these statistics:
  • Hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 265,000 toy-related injuries in 2012 throughout the United States1.
  • 72% were people less than 15 years of age1.
  • Close to 90,000 were people less than 5 years of age1.
  • Each year, thousands of children aged 14 and younger suffer from eye injuries and even blindness from toys2.

Many of your clients may be understandably excited to indulge their own children as well as children in their families, but they may not consider important safety concerns or the age range for toys they purchase.

Encourage your clients to follow the guidelines below when choosing toys and gifts2:
  • Read all warnings and instructions on the box.
  • Consider if the toy is appropriate for the child’s ability and age.
  • Avoid purchasing toys with sharp or rigid points, spikes, rods, or dangerous edges.
  • Check the lenses and frames of children’s sunglasses; many can break and cause injuries.
  • Buy toys that will withstand impact and not break into dangerous shards.
  • Look for the letters “ASTM.” This designation means the product meets the national safety standards set by ASTM International.
  • Avoid toys that shoot or include parts that fly off.
  • Inspect toys for safe, sturdy construction.
  • Fix or throw away broken toys.
  • Keep young children away from toys meant for older children.
  • Make sure children store toys properly after play to avoid risks or falls.
  • Supervise children’s craft projects (scissors and glue can be extremely dangerous to a child’s eyesight).
  • Have children wear the right eye protection for sports (face shields, helmets, eyeguards).

Your members deserve coverage options that provide convenient and affordable access to healthcare all year long, especially in case of an emergency. If a loved one becomes injured this holiday season, your clients may end up relying on their health insurance coverage.

Short-term medical coverage and limited medical coverage can provide options that include valuable features such as:
  • Open network of physicians, specialists, and hospitals
  • Access to urgent care centers
  • Flexibility in length of coverage and in cost (coverage duration varies by state, may not be renewable)
  • Variety of deductible and coinsurance options
  • Low copay options for in-network benefits
  • Paid benefits similar to traditional major medical plans
  • Next day coverage
  • Little to no waiting periods
  • Deductibles as low as $250
  • Relatively inexpensive premiums, but may result in lower and more restricted benefits
  • Guaranteed acceptance for some products, if eligibility is met and available in state
  • Unlimited low-cost doctor and specialist copays

Short-term medical coverage or limited medical coverage may be the best fit for some of your clients. However, it’s important for you and your clients to understand these products do not replace major medical insurance, and they do not count as minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act. These products are not intended to serve as sole medical coverage. Limitations, restrictions, and exclusions may apply.

Learn more about the features above as well as how they can help clients with a variety of health concerns, lifestyle needs, and budget needs by:

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Help Your Clients Make Safe Toys and Gifts Part of Their Holidays