Health Insurance Innovations smart investment

UPDATE: HIIQ Deemed “Smart Investment Option” on

In a financial review of Health Insurance Innovations published recently, Andrew Roberts of the financial blog Seeking Alpha writes, “HIIQ Management has achieved vigorous organic growth in recent years. Current guidance for FY2018 implies 51% earnings growth and 18% revenue growth this year.”

The article goes on to extol the future outlook of Hiiquote’s financials and fundamentals.

Health Insurance Innovations was praised for its stock performance in the article “Why Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) Is A Smart Investment Option” on

Among the numerous reasons mentioned in the piece, writer & analyst Maddi Salmon writes:

“Trends in the healthcare industry are favorable for a company like HIIQ. Much like we’re seeing in the Life Insurance space, where higher employment and a stronger economy have lifted the potential companies in the space. Health Insurance Innovations offers simplified and affordable individual healthcare options with a viable business model. Even relative to the industry average, HIIQ is especially well-positioned.”
Read the full post over at SeekingAlpha and keep up with all things investor-related on the HIIQ Investor Relations Page.

UPDATE: HIIQ Deemed “Smart Investment Option” on