HIIQ Sponsors First Annual Tampa Golf Classic

Earlier this month, Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) took part in the American Cancer Society 2018 Tampa Golf Classic at the Avila Golf and Country Club. As part of the company’s efforts to help those in need in the Tampa Bay community and beyond, this charity event was an ideal fit for HIIQ and its continual focus on health wellness.

Taking place on Monday, November 5, the tournament was the American Cancer Society’s first golf event in Tampa. HIIQ wanted to make sure their first impression was a great one with a $10,000 donation to this longstanding charity.

For over 100 years, The American Cancer Society (ACS) has fought to end cancer with the support of individuals and organizations throughout the country. With a combination of research and action, the ACS has played a vital role in helping the medical community experience a 20% decline in U.S. cancer deaths since the early 1990s.

Along with the donation, HIIQ came out to the tournament with two teams lead by CEO Gavin Southwell and CFO Michael Herschberger. Each team was joined by one local sports figure including former Tampa Bay Ray Andy Sonnanstine and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Michael Clatyon.

“The American Cancer Society is a fantastic cause and it was our pleasure to sponsor and be able to support their first golf tournament here in Tampa which has been a great success,” said Southwell.

“Having had to fight cancer myself, we hope that by giving back to causes like the ACS, we can make an impact in the ongoing fight against cancer and make the life of someone who’s been affected by this disease just a little better.”

Our Mission

Health Insurance Innovations encourages all of its employees, customers and agency partners to give back to those in need. Whether you donate online to charity or spend a Saturday serving at the soup kitchen, giving back gives purpose and hope to all lives involved. Don’t know where to start? Check out Charity Navigator to find the most efficient charity organizations in your community today!

HIIQ Sponsors First Annual Tampa Golf Classic