Seasons Change and So Do Coverage Needs: College Students and Recent Grads Hit the Short-Term Market

Spring is upon us – though more apparent in some parts of the country than others – and that means summer is warming up right around the corner. That also means the spring semester will end soon at colleges and universities across the country, leaving many students and recent graduates with expired health coverage.

Past reports of short-term medical enrollment have ranged widely from 160,000 to 850,0001, but that number seems likely to grow this year. Not only do summer months see college students and recent graduates flocking to the short-term market1 but public awareness of the market has also increased significantly.

A recent poll shows 31%1 of consumers polled indicated they are familiar with it and an additional 10.4%1 indicated they have used such coverage. Compare that to 7% of consumers who were aware of the coverage option in 2017, and it’s clear that continued growth is forthcoming.

Are you prepared to help this specific audience find coverage that fits their needs this summer?

Here’s how short-term medical coverage may be their solution until they can choose a longer term solution:
  • Provides flexibility in cost and length of coverage
  • Offers choice of deductible and coinsurance options
  • Delivers low copay options
  • Secures ability to cancel without penalty at any time

Understanding the needs and concerns of college students and recent graduates is imperative when helping them select coverage. According to a recent poll2, 72% expressed concern over the cost of healthcare coverage, with 40% worried about the cost of monthly premiums and 20% anxious about out-of-pocket expenses.

With that in mind, these coverage highlights are crucial to the conversation:
  • Provides wellness options
  • Often offers lower rates than traditional health plans
  • Affords a low cost layer of financial protection from rising healthcare costs
  • Offers choice of deductible as low as $250

Note that with STM, clients are not buying an ACA health plan. The following need to  be kept in mind by any prospects:

  • STM coverage does not provide the minimum essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and will not help to avoid the fee for not carrying health insurance. STM plans are not guaranteed issue, do not cover pre-existing conditions, and require a series of medical questions to be answered
  • Plans vary in what is covered, check any plans carefully prior to making a purchasing decision

In addition to college students and recent graduates, other prospective clients who are facing life-altering transition periods may find short-term medical meets their needs.

These include:
  • Pre-Medicare retirement
  • Change in employment status
  • Missed Open Enrollment
  • Rolling off parental insurance
  • Filling a gap in your major medical coverage

Are you ready to address the needs of this growing market’s diverse audiences?

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2: “Poll: 72% of College Students and Recent Grads Have Challenges Finding Affordable Health Insurance. ” June 20, 2017.



Seasons Change and So Do Coverage Needs: College Students and Recent Grads Hit the Short-Term Market