Help Your Clients Get the Care They Deserve During National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week celebrates the contributions of health centers to their communities and raises awareness about their mission and accomplishments – something your clients are likely to find valuable as they face their health realities.

This year’s observance from August 12th – August 18th focuses on the mission of health centers across the country and their ability to “provide access to high quality, cost-effective healthcare services to everyone, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.” These centers could be beneficial for your clients looking for creative solutions to healthcare problems, as they work to serve special patient populations.

Consider these facts:

  • Health centers serve 27 million patients, and that number continues to grow.
  • There are health center locations in all 50 states and the District of Colombia.
  • Health centers serve everyone – even those who are uninsured or underinsured.
  • Your client could receive primary and preventive care services at health centers.

In addition to medical services, health centers offer a number of enabling services such as transportation, translation, case management, and health education. These types of assistance help all patients receive equal and high-quality care.

Offer your clients coverage to help them take advantage of health center benefits

Short-term medical (STM) coverage could be a coverage option for your clients to benefit from health centers. This type of coverage can be a great option for those in life-altering transition periods such as being between jobs, graduating college, or being unable to obtain major medical plans. Your clients may also likely to benefit from local health centers, as they can provide access to medical care that may not be affordable elsewhere.

These policies can offer your clients benefits for much-needed services such as:

  • Doctor visits
  • Emergency care
  • Surgical and hospital care
  • Wellness and preventative care

However, there are limitations. For example, STM plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and currently have a maximum duration of 3 months. That will change in October when your clients will have the opportunity to purchase STM coverage in increments of up to 364 days. This level of coverage is not a replacement for major medical insurance.

STM policies can add to the benefits your client could receive at their health center by providing them with supplemental non-insurance features that may include:

  • Prescription savings program that help them save on generic and brand-name medications
  • Ability to speak to a licensed doctor over the phone or mobile app to diagnose common illnesses
  • Patient advocacy service that can help your client find procedures for the lowest cost and negotiate large bills

The benefits of an STM plan could combine with health center services to create broader protection and more affordable healthcare for your client.

*STM plans do not count as minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act and are not suitable to serve as sole medical coverage. They are not sufficient forms of coverage to avoid facing a tax penalty. Review all terms, conditions, limitations, and/or restrictions with your clients prior to any recommendations.

Talk to your clients about how health centers could revolutionize their healthcare needs

Health centers are an essential part of communities nationwide that help meet the serious need for cost-effective healthcare.

Take this week as an opportunity to remind your clients about these centers and help them find more information about health centers in their area.

Visit the Health Center Week website to learn more about the centers or how you can get involved in spreading the word.

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Guidance Finalized Allowing Extended Duration of Short-Term Medical Coverage

The Trump administration has finalized guidance to extend short-term medical coverage options, creating an opportunity for you to offer a more competitive option to your clients.

The new ruling will give consumers the opportunity to purchase this level of coverage in increments of up to 364 days (or 12 months). It also allows this type of insurance to be renewable for up to 36 months.

This move reverses guidance that limited short-term medical plans to a maximum of 3 months coverage.

However, “states remain free to adopt a definition with a shorter maximum initial contract term or shorter maximum duration (including renewals and extensions) for a policy to meet their specific market needs,” according to the final rule documentation.

While carriers may choose to not cover certain types of services including maternity and mental healthcare, short-term medical plans routinely cost less than major medical plans. In the wake of ACA, major medical premiums have skyrocketed as much as 105% 1. Almost 1/5 of the country’s economy is spent on healthcare, a “far larger share than in any other large, wealthy country in the world,” and the price of healthcare services is “pushing up the nation’s health spending over time” 2. Consumers are certainly feeling the impact: the average cost of deductibles has increased over 295% while wages have only increased by 29% 3. Short-term medical plan may make better financial sense for healthier consumers, those who are priced out of ACA coverage, and those who need an affordable option during a period of transition.

This guidance is expected to lead to increased short-term medical enrollment, which may lead to even lower premiums due to a healthier pool of enrollees who don’t need a comprehensive spectrum of benefits.

Here are some important points to remember:

1. You’ll be able to provide a more secure bridge for your clients who are in between plans.

Before this guidance, short-term medical plans were only available for 90 days. Now you can enroll your clients in coverage for up to 364 days and provide them with the option to renew it for up to 36 months.

This level of coverage may fit the needs of your clients who are:

  • Transitioning between jobs
  • Waiting for employer insurance to begin
  • Graduating from college
  • Rolling off parents’ coverage
  • Waiting for Medicare coverage to become effective

Also, you can enroll your clients in plans that offer next-day coverage is available.

2. You’ll be able to sell these extended duration plans in October. 

The new rule is set to take effect just before the 2019 Open Enrollment Period that will run from November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018.

3. You’ll have an additional tool in your portfolio that provides a wide range of benefits.

Short-term medical plans do not offer minimum essential benefits as defined by ACA, but they can offer benefits and features such as:

  • Wellness options
  • Benefits paid like traditional major medical plans
  • Flexible options for coverage cost and length
  • Open network of physicians, specialists, and hospitals
  • Lower rates than traditional health plans
  • Competitive individual and family coverage
  • Coverage of certain pre-existing conditions
  • Low copay options
  • Variety of deductible and coinsurance options
  • Ability to cancel at any time without penalty

While ACA plans have created “unstable risk pools and unaffordable premiums,” short-term medical plans will offer healthy consumers an affordable option and may motivate those who would have opted to remain uninsured to select a coverage option that makes sense for their budget and their lifestyle4.


We work with highly rated carrier partners that provide competitive, quality options for short-term medical coverage.
Expand your book of business with this level of coverage and meet your clients where they are in their healthcare and lifestyle realities.


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Click here to view the final rule in full courtesy of the CMS. Stay tuned for more updates.


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