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Your Clients Need to Hear These 9 Summer Health & Fitness Tips

Your clients are headed to parties, beach days, and park picnics this summer. These outings are likely to include tempting food they may be trying to avoid, and those sunny beach days may inspire them to be more leisurely than active. But they surely deserve a few treats and leisurely days though, right? Talk to your clients about balancing their summer health and fitness goals with their well-earned leisurely pastimes.

Here are 9 tips to get them started:

Be food prepared.

If they’re headed to a summer party where they’ll be tempted, they can pack grab-n-go items. Protein bars from brands like NuGo Nutrition and Larabar are usually $1-$2 per bar, packed with plant-based nutrients, and easily accessible at stores and on Amazon. Sliced fresh fruit, granola bars, and nuts are other quick and easily portable options.

Pick up the pace.

Of course they’ll be ready to get their chairs positioned just right and relax on the sand, but taking a lap by the water before they get settled will help them squeeze in a few more steps and burn a few more calories.

Make meals simple, quick, and fun.

They’ve got their neighbor’s BBQ at 3pm and friends coming over at 6pm. They need options that are shareable and convenient, but also impressive. Colorful kabobs of tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and squash basted with olive oil and spices may be the ideal treat. Or they can bake or grill sweet potatoes and add peanut butter to them. Cutting them into chunks and serving them with toothpicks will surely make your clients the hit of the summer parties. And help them stay on track with their summer health and fitness goals.

Carry a reusable water bottle.

It can be tempting to pop open a fizzing can of Coke or hit the Starbucks drive-thru for one of their favorite frappuccinos this summer. But carrying a water bottle they can refill throughout the day can help them avoid a decision packed with sugar and calories. It’s also good for the environment.

Get family and friends moving to join in.

Beating the heat in a nice cool movie theater may be a fun afternoon activity for your clients, but so may taking a hike in a local park or challenging neighbors or coworkers to a game of kickball. Having fun and enjoying quality time with loved ones can help motivate your clients to stay active and meet their health and fitness goals.

Find fun ways to use resistance bands.

Quick and simple exercises may break the monotony of long days in the office and may help your clients stay focused during activity packed weekends. If they’re traveling this summer, bringing the bands along can inspire them to focus on fitness even while on vacation.

Bring the chill to summer meals.

A hot kitchen can often be the least fun place on these scorching summer days. Your clients may enjoy giving themselves a brrr-eak from cooking with meals that require little to no cooking and that are chockfull of nutrients and yumminess these colorful and shareable options. Bonus points: with cool meals, they won’t have to worry about reheating food they bring to parties or carry to work.

Make time to disconnect.

It’s easy to get caught up in all things planned even during the summer. From work commitments to pressing social calendars to ever-present technology, it may be difficult for your clients to unwind. They may find it helpful to schedule an hour of mediation in their calendars, to turn off their phones for an afternoon, to forward their calls to voicemail, or to get outside for a walk. Long-term health and fitness successes include consistently clearing our minds and making time to rest.

Enjoy early morning activities.

Your clients can kick off a day of healthy habits by grabbing a bike to hit the pavement for a few miles, taking a morning hike, or trying out some new moves at local recreation centers.

Make your clients’ heath and fitness goals a priority to you this summer as you consult with them about their healthcare coverage needs.

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Your Clients Need to Hear These 9 Summer Health & Fitness Tips