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Where does the HIIQ technology platform fit in the process?

What is robocalling?

A robocall is an automated outbound telephone call initiated by an autodialer with a prerecorded message. Robocalls are used for a wide variety of communications including public service announcements, appointment reminders, marketing, advertising, opinion polls and political campaigns.

Are robocalls illegal?

All calls with pre-recorded sales messages are illegal unless you asked or consented in advance to be called.

Does HIIQ participate in robocalling for marketing and sales purposes?

No. HIIQ is a cloud-based technology platform that provides agents with the tools they need to sell affordable health insurance products to their consumers. HIIQ takes Robocalling seriously. Although not required, HIIQ works with Active Prospect’s Trusted Form technology to help agents ensure that their leads only come from consumers who have given express written consent to be contacted. Active Prospect’s software will reject leads that are not certified with the consumer’s consent and it also scrubs leads against the national Do Not Call Registry. HIIQ provides this service to the independent, third-party insurance agents who use its platform, free-of-charge. In addition, HIIQ communicates with the independent agents regarding the requirement of opt-ins for certification that a person requested to be contacted, as well as keeping agents informed about TCPA rules.

Who does robocall?

HIIQ does not use robocalls for sales and marketing purposes and prohibits any distributors on the HIIQ platform from performing sales and marketing robocalls to sell products available to them on the HIIQ platform. HIIQ also prohibits distributors on the HIIQ platform from using lead vendors that use sales and marketing robocalls to generate leads.

What should I do if I get unwanted robocalls?

If you receive unwanted robocalls, add your phone number to the national Do Not Call Registry by calling 1-888-382-1222. Or if you would like to report unwanted robocalls, go to If the caller claims to be Health Insurance Innovations or HIIQ, please call us at 877-376-5831 to report the caller. Robocalls may be received from lead vendors that, unbeknownst to us, do not follow our policy strictly prohibiting the use of robocalls for sales and marketing purposes.

What is call spoofing and does HIIQ do it?

Call spoofing is calling from a hidden or masked caller-id number to ensure that the person picks up the phone. Callers rely on familiar number sequences such as area code or prefix to increase answer rates. HIIQ does not participate in call spoofing whatsoever.

If HIIQ was mentioned on a phone call, does that mean HIIQ made the call?

Not necessarily. HIIQ competitors have been found to use the Health Insurance Innovations’ name without our permission in order to convince the customer that the call is legitimate. HIIQ is working to mitigate this issue and to put a stop to all firms that attempt to mislead consumers.

What products are on the HIIQ platform?

We work with leading Insurance Carriers and independent agents to enable consumers to quote, enroll and bill through our technology platform. Please remember that HIIQ is not an insurance carrier and does not have products of its own. There are affordable life insurance and health insurance products available on our platform including term life insurance, short term health insurance, accident, sickness and hospital plans, critical illness, dental insurance, and lifestyle discount programs.

Do Short Term Medical Insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions?

Many Short Term Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI) plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. There are qualifying questions that are asked to determine if a consumer qualifies for this type of plan. If they answer “yes” to any of the qualifying questions, they would not be able to purchase an STLDI plan.

What training does HIIQ provide to contracted agents?

HIIQ does not make outbound phone calls of any kind to solicit the sale of insurance products but HIIQ does provide training to independent, third-party licensed agents that sell life and health insurance products through HIIQ’s technology platform. HIIQ provides state of the art training to ensure that these independent, third-party agents understand the ethical standards required by HIIQ and any applicable state, federal or carrier rules and regulations to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the products they would like to sell on the HIIQ platform.

Specifically, HIIQ has a series of “non-negotiables” that call out to the agent information that must be provided to a consumer during the sales conversation. For example, agents must notify the consumer whether pre-existing conditions are covered, reiterate that the products are not ACA compliant, provide the full name of the agent and agency, and more.

After our “non-negotiables” training, there is product-specific training that each agent must pass to have access to their desired product on the HIIQ platform. Training consists of modules that must be passed with a score of at least a 90% for an agent to be given access to our platform.

As of March 31, 2019, more than 14,000 training modules have been completed.

What does HIIQ do to monitor licensed agents and distributors?

HIIQ is proud of the rigorous onboarding process and the training that is provided to all licensed insurance agents. However, working with licensed agents and distributors doesn’t end at onboarding. Compliance is taken seriously and on-going activities are conducted to ensure that the licensed agents and distributors who use the HIIQ platform are performing in the most compliant manner possible.

Monitoring distributors and licensed agents:

  1. All licensed insurance agencies who sell at least 50 policies per month are subject to regular site visits where agency practices are reviewed and compliance is ensured with all requirements.
  2. Secret shopping is conducted through an outside vendor.
  3. All licensed agents and distributors are required to participate in annual “non-negotiables” and carrier-approved or carrier provided product training.
  4. All aspects of our licensed agents and distributors are monitored with an agency scorecard by reviewing the results of all of the above activities and any questions or concerns that may arise.
  5. If any trends emerge from the agency score card or if immediate action is required, remediation procedures are in place to ensure that the concern is addressed or the licensed agent or distributor is terminated.

What services are provided by HIIQ to policy holders?

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) is the billing and technology resource for policy holders. In partnership with insurance carriers, HIIQ manages the billing of insurance policies and provides access to all important insurance documents through an online Member Portal. There, a policy holder can:

  1. Update payment information
  2. View or download insurance documents
  3. Request additional ID cards
  4. Cancel policies

What services are provided by HIIQ to insurance agents?

HIIQ is a cloud-based technology platform who connects insurance carriers with licensed insurance agents and distributors to provide their consumers with access to carrier products. Core functions of the HIIQ technology platform include modules for agent training, license validation and compliance. The HIIQ platform is integrated with industry leading providers for lead validation and compliance solutions in order to provide the most compliant and clear solution available. HIIQ is constantly striving to enhance the capabilities in these areas in order to remain the leader in the industry while serving as an example of compliance in the insurance industry.

HIIQ provides consolidated billing and customer service to clients of insurance agents. HIIQ is not an insurance carrier. HIIQ does not make outbound calls of any kind to solicit the sale of insurance products. HIIQ is not a claims administrator.

Note: The HIIQ technology platform is owned and operated by Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc.