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Who We Are

At Health Insurance Innovations, every day is an opportunity to make new paths.

With the rising costs of healthcare, access to affordable insurance products that tackle the ever-changing coverage needs of today’s consumer is vital.

We’re on a mission to modernize the insurance landscape and provide that access. With innovative products and our leading edge tools and technologies, we’re leveling the playing field and offering unrivaled coverage through our partner carriers that fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Our Partnership with Allied National

As your patients' one-stop billing solution, we work closely with Allied National, your patients' claims administrator, to transfer their eligibility information, giving your patients peace of mind that their claims will be managed in a timely manner. Allied conducts pre-existing condition investigations and serves as the claim administrator for the following policies

  • 1st Med STM underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Group
  • Sage STM underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Group
  • Everest STM underwritten by Everest Reinsurance Company
  • Premier STM underwritten by Unified Life Insurance Company